Matthew Murchison

CEO / Tech Artist @ Double M Digital Inc.

Technical & 3D artist. Working on games in Unity and Blender.
CEO/Founder @ Double M Digital Inc. Making the new game Chicken Nuggets!
Always open to neat 3D/VR/Real-time contracts and opportunities!

Matthew Murchison

CEO / Tech Artist @ Double M Digital


A technically minded 3D artist. Working on games in Unity and Blender. CEO of Double M Digital Inc. developing our new game: Chicken Nuggets.
Always open to neat 3D/VR/Real-time contracts and opportunities!
Formerly a Developer at Alientrap Games Inc., 3D Cartographer on the MGM licensed Stargate Roleplaying Game, Cinematographer/Generalist for Stitch Media, and VR/Stereoscopic Specialist at the Communications Research Center for the Canadian Government.


Certifications & Awards

Clients & Employers


DesignCar20213D, NDATerritory Studio
NDA VR Survival Game2022Environment Art, Level Design, Technical Art, VFXNDA
Chicken Nuggets2023Developer, Project LeadDouble M Digital Inc.
Stargate RPG2021Cartographer/Environment ArtistWyvern Gaming
Terrorarium2021Cinematographer/3D artistStitch Media
Wytchwood2021Graphics Optimization (Temporary)Alientrap Games Inc.
GunHead20203D Artist & AnimatorAlientrap Games Inc.
ModBox20203D & Technical ArtistAlientrap Games Inc.
Spirits2020Environment & Technical ArtistOpen Door Games
Terrorarium2019CinematographerStitch Media
5G mm Wave Visualization2018Stereoscopic Rendering SpecialistCommunications Research Center
Docking Sim2018Producer, Developer, ArtistDouble M Digital
Terraformers Space Command20173D Artist & Technical ArtistTeam outcast
Petra Monastery20173D Environment ArtistMatt Murch (Ubi NXT Showcase)
Chicken Coup20163D Environment ArtistSheridan College BA Game Design

Production Experience

DesignCarTerritory StudioToronto, Ontario2021 - PresentContractor
Survival gameNDAToronto, Ontario2021 - 2022Contractor
CEO, Developer Double M Digital Inc.Newcastle, CanadaAug 2021 - PresentFull Time
CartographerWyvern GamingToronto, CanadaFeb 2021 - Sept 2021Contractor
3D & Technical ArtistAlientrap Games Inc.Toronto, CanadaMay 2019 - Jan 2021Full Time
Cinematographer/3D artistStitch mediaToronto, CanadaFeb 2021 - April 2021Contractor
3D ArtistLight Beach EentertainmentToronto, CanadaApril 2019 -March 2020Contractor
Environment & Technical ArtistOpen Door GamesOakville, CanadaOct 2018 - May 2019Contractor
CinematographerStitch MediaToronto, CanadaJan 2019 - Feb 2019Contractor
3D Visualization DeveloperCommunications Research CenterOttawa, CanadaMay 2016 - Aug 2016Coop
3D ArtistLemuria Interactive inc.Toronto, CanadaOct 2018 - April 2019Contractor
Founder Double M DigitalNewcastle, CanadaJune 2016 - Aug 2021Self Employed
3D ArtistSheridan CollegeOakville, CanadaMay 2017 - Aug 2017Contractor
Graphic DesignerMunicipality Of ClaringtonBowmanville, CanadaJan 2015 - April 2015Coop
Creative Problem Solving FacilitatorSheridan CollegeOakville, CanadaNov 2016 - Nov 2016Contractor
Graphic Designer and Web MasterWhite Pine Scouting FairOshawa, CanadaJan 2015 - Aug 2015Volunteer
National Youth SpokespersonScouts CanadaToronto, CanadaApr 2014 - March 2015Volunteer
SafeWalkSheridan Student UnionFeb 2017 - May 2017Oakville Ontario, CanadaPart Time
Graphic DesignerCobourg Health ShoppeCobourg, CanadaFeb 2012 - Dec 2015Contractor
Area Youth CommissionerLakeshore Ridge, Scouts CanadaClarington, CanadaNov 2015 - Jan 2017Volunteer
President (2013), Vice-president (2012), Secretary (2014)1st Lakeshore Ridge Veturer ScoutsBowmanville, CanadaSept 2012 - Sept 2015Volunteer
Day out with ThomasWoodbrige Historic RailwayWoodbrdge, CanadaAug 2015 - Aug 2016Contractor


Feel free to reach out if you'd like to hire me, have questions about what I do or need some advice on your own journey!


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